Quicksand, license free fonts

The best feeling comes when you are running across a font that is particularly attractive and suddenly, you realize that it is license free!

A few months back I ran across Quicksand, a san-serif typeface by Andrew Paglinawan. Words do not properly describe my love for this font. Anyone interested in design or typography goes through their share of phases. One day Futura seems like the best thing to use on every poster, paper or logo. Then you’ll wake up a week later and find a new love. This might be the exception to the rule, as Quicksand and I have been getting along quite well for a few months now.

Just look at that ampersand and the bottom on the Q! It also comes in Light Oblique, Bold, Bold Oblique, Book, Book Oblique and Dash.

License free fonts were a genius approach to spreading the type virus. Website such as Font Squirrel (where I discovered Quicksand) offer a wide variety of fonts, all 100% for commercial use. Another popular one is dafonts although, proceed with caution when using a font from there as they can sometimes not always be the most well-designed. In addition to those provided on a computer in a traditional font package, license free fonts allow more individualization. Sometimes the rigidness of screen fonts or the high x-height of Helvetica is not ideal for a poster promoting an upscale hotel or spa. That is where Font Squirrel and websites such as this come in handy. Just make sure to check the legal requirements on each!