Kinetic Typography

To continue on the path of typography used in animation, we’ll go with some kinetic typography.

Kinetic typography basically means moving text.

It’s using elements of the type and animation techniques to create a mood. Some of the earliest people to use these techniques were title sequence animators such as Saul Bass. Saul Bass is most known for his title sequence, The Man with the Golden Arm (1955), which featured moving text. He has also done the title sequence for West Side Story, Psycho and Vertigo.

My all time favorite kinetic typography piece is one on V for Vendetta.

It’s an interesting way to look at a scene from a movie and really get the feeling of it without actually watching the movie. There is lots of room for artistic interpretation of the piece depending on how much emphasis the designer wants to put on particular sections or words within the monologue or quote.

Another well-known one is from Zoolander.

I’m currently working on a project in my time based design class that is requiring us to pick our own excerpt from a movie, book or song and create a short kinetic typography piece. It’s interesting watching ones made by famous designers and then trying it yourself. A lot more work goes into it than you think!