Typography in Advertising

Typography can be used millions of different ways. It’s seen everywhere from blogs to food labels, websites, brochures, movies, and advertising.

The best part of typography in advertising design is that it melds in so well. Such as in the Ikea ad, I see living room first while I’m subconsciously reading the word “hope”.

This HSBC advertisement is similar to that of the Trash one for Mitchell Eye Center in that it uses a hand written typeface (or a typeface that looks handwritten anyway) to make the outline of the car or word.

In design there is what we call the typography bug. This could be classified as a sickness that one gets when they become obsessed with everything and anything to do with typography. I’m pretty sure I caught this bug after taking Typography I at the beginning of this year. It’s everywhere! Looking through different design blogs and various design websites that I follow frequently, I just became more and more aware of how much I wanted to stop looking and start designing! These are all great sources of inspiration for future projects.