Remember way back to the days of Yahoo’s GeoCities. It was created with a good purpose in mind — to supply people with a place on the internet where they could make webpages and form communities. Unfortunately, you give the general population free reign and you end up with quite a mess. These were the days of yellow backgrounds with flashing blue text and stars tumbling down the page at a rapid speed.

Thanks to better technology, templates, and websites such as WordPress, Blogger, and Apple’s webdesign application, these days are becoming more obsolete. That and the fact that GeoCities was shut down in 2009.

Except don’t celebrate just yet. They’re back and more obnoxious than ever. There is a website going around social media sites (I heard of it on Twitter) called Geocities-izer which actually allows you to tell them a url and it will attack your website with cute twirling icons, bright backgrounds and flashing text. I went ahead and inserted the url for this blog and came out with results better than I could even imagine. Dancing babies, the classic bright yellow background and, of course, music! I can’t place the name of the song but it certainly does wonders for the feel of the webpage.

I should drop out of school right now because this graphic design degree is not going to get anywhere with that classy stuff right there.


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