vegetarian cooking

I’ve been working on a website in Flash for Interactive Design recently. Of course I had to go and take some approach that required an enormous amount of hours but I had fun while doing it and I think that’s what counts in the end. Decided to go with a more illustrative approach.

The picture below shows the main button that would be seen on the website “SOUP” and underneath the drawing of a soup bowl which comes up when you hover over each button.

I had a tough time in the beginning how best to do the illustrations especially for the type. I drew out the ingredients for all of the recipes as well as all of the steps to make it. It only took about 5 different approaches (hand-drawing, scanning images, printing out the photographs, tracing paper, etc) to come up with a system that didn’t take an overwhelming amount of time.

Below is just a picture of a PDF that contained some of the sketches and image that I worked with. Eventually after I fix a few things, I’d like to get a sample of the actual website up here. Thankfully I was able to fix all of my action script problems and most of the changes are just minor!


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