Twitter vs. Facebook

I’ve been hearing a lot of hate towards Twitter lately. Likewise for facebook but less so due to the fact it’s been around longer and people better understand it’s purpose. Regardless of what anyone says, I’m becoming a huge Twitter fan and finding that I’m spending way more time on that than Facebook.

Reasons Why Twitter is Better:

1. Less Distracting. Facebook has so many additional apps, games (ie. unnecessary ones like Farmville), pages, groups, etc. In terms of time management it’s awful; like a black hole of procrastination. Twitter on the other hand updates regularly but is far less overwhelming.

2. Networking. Twitter hands down is the definition of what it means to network. I’ve gotten in contact or “retweeted” by many people I would probably never have contact with if it were not for twitter (ie. Wilsonart last week or Allan Chocinov from Core 77). Clearly, these are not life long friendships spawned from a single tweet but the connection platform is there. A simple #hashtag will get you recognized.

3. Feeling of recognition. Everytime I go to Foodlink a local foodbank in the area with my Design Thinking class I’ll give a little shout out to @FoodlinkNY talking about how we’re looking forward coming back again or afterwards to sum up the experience. It’s always nice to get that tweet back from an organization that otherwise seems quite easy to get lost in due to the huge number of volunteers they have going in and out.

4. Concise. 140 characters. That’s it. It’s really easy to determine if you’re going to be interested in a tweet or not which makes it easier to scan through.

5. Just because someone follows you doesn’t mean you have to follow them back. Easy.

6. Facebook is just like another platform for email/chat, Twitter is for having quick conversations and sharing information with a wide audience.

7. Microblogging. Sometimes a topic doesn’t necessarily require an in-depth explanation, a simple link to a website or 140 character description will do.

8. The news. Hands down best way to get real time news. Want the score of a game? Just follow that team’s hashtag, it will be updated far faster than any website ever could. Personally I follow hockey teams, great goal by goal action that can be forwarded through twitter right to my phone. Major world event? You can pretty much figure out what is going on just by watching trending topics.

I think Twitter is definitely headed in the right direction. It offers a platform for people to share ideas, links, etc in an easy format. It’s part CNN, part Facebook, part online chat room, and part blog. Twitter’s last update to their system helped a lot due to the fact that you can now easily view someone’s profile and tweets on the right-hand side without losing your spot. For now, I’ll remain on both Facebook and Twitter but who knows what the next few years will bring.

Sticking with Facebook? Switching completely to Twitter? Or staying with both? What’s your opinion?