Fabulous Friday Finds

It’s quite easy to get lost on the internet. Minutes turn into hours and you find yourself 50 websites later with millions of new bookmarks and cool things to share. I’ve decided that I’m going to start sharing some of these. I always get requests for website recommendations so I thought this would be a good way to compile those. For this week we’ll start off big with more recognizable websites that you might have already heard of. If not… well, get on it!

These are a few of my favorite things…

Pinterest I frequently find myself saving inspiration from pictures I find on blogs or randomly online to my desktop. These causes multiple problems, for one.. space. There is also the problem that if Im not at my computer, I cannot access them. In comes pinterest. Fantastic site that allows you to “pin” your favorite images online as you’re browsing through websites or blogs. You can then tag and categorize them according to whatever you’d like. For me, I try to keep things together in categories such as “dream house”, “products”, “typography” or “delicious thing.” It’s somewhat addicting so it’s easy to get lost in “pinning” and find yourself hours later still looking for more images. However, it saves tons of time in the long run. Through all of the organization that the site provides it’s really easy to run back through and find that awesome poster you “pinned” months ago.

Behance Network What a cool way to showcase work and gather inspiration from others. Behance allows users to create portfolios of work & share them in very organized categories and ways. Information design project? No problem, just search for information design on the website and you’ll find yourself with hundreds of inspirational links. Really cool fast and easy way to see what fantastic thing people are creating!

Typography Served Related directly with Behance, there are a number of websites with specific purposes (typography served, industrial design served, etc) each showcases work from that particular field and much like Behance it also has job listings which will come in handy very shortly.

Do you have any go to websites for inspiration? Or does a simple google image search do the job? Maybe even a visit to the library?