Park Ave Fest – Interactive Web

If you recall earlier this quarter I did an interactive website about [vegetarian cooking] for that same class, our second and final project for the quarter was another website.

I chose to do it on Park Ave Fest, a Rochester summer festival. I wanted to go for a completely different focus and concept for the second website. The first one (including all hand-drawn elements) proved to be rather time consuming.


I had a lot of fun coming up with the logo & branding for this website. I posted a sneak preview of it a few weeks back and since then it has taken quite a turn. The blue & yellow gave it a more vibrant, summery feel.

[landing page]

I decided to go with a similar main navigation button concept to my first website. Apparently I like more hand-drawn aspects to websites. For the music page, I included two scrolling information pieces that would share the bands performing at various stages throughout the day.

I’m relatively happy with how it turned out. As with almost every design piece, it’s never “done”. There are always things I wish I had more time for but I think for a 3.5 week project and an enormous amount of button errors, it came pretty far. Plus, I can say that I’m far more comfortable with flash than I was upon entering the course.



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