Fabulous Friday Finds

I’ve been following Ugmonk for a while. It was launched in August of 2008 with four designs (as seen in their about us section of their website) and has rapidly grown since then.

They have some really nice work. The thing I like the most about it is that they post process work! We’re taught so much in design classes that coming up with a solid concept and idea of what you’re designing before you even make it to the computer is really important. It’s really nice to see with professional designing that you still refer back to those initial sketches.

All of their work has beautiful typography & very clean, modern design.

Recently they did a special for a charity drive where if you bought a shirt, they would donate a meal to the homeless. Pretty inventive idea. They donated over 2,000 meals.

Just makes you want to buy a t-shirt now, doesn’t it?

“It’s more than just t-shirts, it’s a mindset”