Been looking at a lot of type treatments lately in preparation for a calligraphy project. Last time I posted, I mentioned that I was interested in doing some kind of wine labels but I haven’t officially committed to anything. There are so many different things to consider and experiment with. I might end up with a bunch of quotes like I did last quarter.

The thing I’m loving most about practicing calligraphy is the intimate feel you get with the type. Typing on a computer is one thing, but having to hand-draw and form individual letters makes you focus on the intricacies of each one.

I can’t wait to experiment more with type treatments such as the one below. I know that once I have a firm grasp on foundational and italic calligraphy it will allow me to experiment outside of the traditional forms and try something new!

I’m not usually one for “Frilly Girly” type, but I’m really liking that one.

Currently loving the more hand-drawn approaches as well. I especially love high contrast typography done on chalkboards. Can’t get enough of it!

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