Personal Identity

Out of any project I’ve worked on, by far was my own personal identity system. I’ve redesigned my own personal logo more times than I can even count.

My resume and business cards have so many variations that I’ve started sub-folders to organize everything. On the one hand, it’s really fun to play around with because I’m my own client. I can decide what I like or dislike without having to consult anyone else. That also makes it rather difficult.

From my experience at a few different design agencies now, this is the very same problem across the board. They seem to have no problem producing lots of client work but when it comes down to the company website, it’s a completely different story.

I can tell looking back through various variations subtle things that I’ve carried along throughout. I tend to stick to a more monochromatic color scheme. Heavily favoring bold type. Went through a big gray and white phase for a while there. Red (my hair color) shows up quite a bit. Also, I tend to stick to really simple type treatments for my name, rather than a crazy over the top logo.

I think… after a bunch of hours of sketching and thinking I finally have some kind of system going on. And a website that seems to match! We’ll see how long it takes to change my mind – I’m really never this indecisive on any other project!!