Packaging Design: Simplicity

When it comes to packaging design, I’m of the mindset that simple is better. People often seem to misjudge simple as being “easy” when in reality being able to convey your brand using very little is quite the task.

“What is the purpose?” This is a question that comes up a lot in graphic design courses. Sure that “funky line” might be a neat element but what is it actually trying to convey. One of the reasons I’m drawn to graphic design is the idea that it’s solving problems. It’s using design to do more than make something visually appealing.

Take this next product line for instance. Isn’t all you really need to know about these products, what they are? The simplicity speaks for the product. “Aluminum” Unless you’re really into the thickness and quality of your aluminum, chances are this will do you quite well. Simple. To the point. You don’t always need rainbows and butterflies to get people to buy things.

Packaging Vegetables.

This is something that strikes me as rather odd. Take carrots for instance, they’re grown in the ground in nature and then taken out and processed and put in nice little plastic bags. Have we all gone crazy? Do we really need individually plastic wrapped carrots in order to consider buying them.

For me, this is the appeal of a farmers market, the lack of packaging and branding speaks to the natural, homegrown feel of the produce.

I do really like this approach to “branding” vegetables. Simple tags displaying where the produce was grown. Not to mention the packaging is plantable.