This quarter I’m taking Calligraphy for the second time – and definitely not the last.

On top of yet another quarter of calligraphy, next quarter I’m planning on taking a class called Typeface Design with Kris Holmes who is an RIT professor & famous for creating the Lucida typeface that is seen on your computers! Pretty cool! It’s going to require a fair amount of movement in my schedule and possible a bunch of late nights but I think it will be more than worth it for the experience.

To get into the class we have to show a sample of some of our best lettering so far. It’s what were going to be basing our typeface on. Last night I worked on pulling that together and it’s definitely going to need some tweaking but I think it’s finally headed in the right direction.

Each quarter of calligraphy is a different hand. Spring = Foundational, Fall = Italic, Winter = Blackletter.  I’ve been waiting since last year to take Blackletter so I’m pretty excited for that!