Procrastination, Art Style

I’m surprisingly good with time management when I’m super busy. Best course load is way over what’s necessary. Mostly because it packs so much in there that I’m forced to better use my time for useful things. That said, the last week of classes is always a tempting time to test out random things that I should probably not be spending time on. I spent time at Barnes & Nobles tonight working on a website for a freelance job I’m currently doing. While there I thought to pick up a crow quill calligraphy pen. I think I’m in love with it.

Normally I draw more intricate designs with a G2 pen which is really nice but it’s somewhat chunky and doesn’t allow me to get as fine of details as I would like. The Crow Quill on the other hand is amazing.

I’m still testing it out and finding that some strokes are easier to get than others. I’d like to spend some more time working on getting varied weights and other techniques with it but I’m loving what it’s allowing me to do so far!

I procrastinate in style. It’s slightly more productive than the alternatives, right?

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