Go Vedgy

One of the projects I’ve been working on this quarter is “Vedgy” which basically looks to brand vegetarian as something other than simply for hippies. I’ve gone through tons of different color variations, logo designs, names, etc to end up where I am right now.

Example 1: Where I started out 8 or so weeks ago…

Example 2: Where I’ve ended up now with the Vedgy app…


There are a lot of different components that are included in this screenshot (not shown) including more pages & functions in the app, a website that functions similarly but not entirely like the app, a cookbook (both digital and print) and social media components (Facebook & Twitter). Funny story about the twitter page was that I actually set it up simply to take a screenshot of it for my portfolio… except then people I didn’t know started adding it and talking to me (well, to @GO_Vedgy)! So I’ve kept it up and have continued tweeting some. I might see what I can do more to it next quarter, might be fun.


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