Picking a Target Market : Packaging Design

Continuing the theme of packaging design, the theme for this project is Fast Food Design. I’ve been looking all over various sites for inspiration when it comes containers. As someone who very, very rarely eats fast food, it’s slightly hard to imagine how I might want to hold my (veggie) burger. But as a designer with a brief, it’s easier to jump into the role of the consumer and figure out what they’d need.

I’ve found for self-directed projects with very limited direction as to the theme, branding, etc, it’s a lot easier when I impose some kind of fake niche market on myself. Easier to wrap my head around thinking like that target market.

Not only does our project have to be a container to hold something, we also have to consider sustainability. How will the trash impact the world? Can people use it afterwards? How much does it cost? What is the cheapest way to make it using the least amount of materials? The questions are endless.


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