Group Projects & iPad Design

The theme of this quarter seems to be group projects + iPad design. It seems like in the past 6 or so months there has been a giant shift to needing to incorporate things online not only into website but into sites that are easily accessible on iPads or iPhones.

In my Adv. Interactive Media class we’re going to be working on a project to redesign a blog or newsite so that it’s useable on a desktop, iPad and iPhone device. For Ind. Study I’m going to be looking into creating another comprehensive project that addresses both print needs as well as online social media.

In Editorial Design we’re producing a 100 page student magazine and for the first time ever there will be an iPad friendly version! I’m really looking forward to that class because it seems like a good blend between the old and the new.

So far it’s been fun to research what is currently out there and how people are using it. It becomes very clear that there is no definite right way to do it! I think that’s pretty exciting because it means there is a lot more innovation and development yet to come. Especially when it comes to print magazines becoming digital, magazines have just started to push the boundaries of the traditional definition of a magazine.

Lots are beginning to incorporate sound (below), animated graphics, picture swapping, and embedded videos. Really cool to see what is out there so far. From what I’ve seen, Wired is clearly on the leading edge of this new technology.

As for group project, Packaging Design involves working with both Packaging Science majors as well as Industrial Design majors. Definitely an interesting insight into how other people learn. Up until now I didn’t realize how much of a “graphic design only” world we were working it. It’s nice to get out and work with other disciplines.

Going to be a busy but fun quarter!