Typography & Hand lettering

No matter how much time I spend working on digital design pieces and remaining constrained to websafe type, I can’t help but love the handdrawn feel. Last Friday I attended a talk by Kris Holmes who was the creator of Lucida Grande as well as many other typefaces used today. She’s a professor at RIT. The fact that we have easy access to someone who is a master calligrapher & type designer is amazing. I was planning on taking her class this quarter but unfortunately had to drop it. While I’m really sad that I didn’t get that opportunity, I think my sanity thanks me for that extra 4 hours a week for unexpected other projects to tackle.

The presentation she gave covered the history of some letterforms and she talked about her process of brainstorming for a new typeface. I think it’s really interesting (and awesome!) that everything starts with hand lettering. Taking calligraphy for 2 quarters was a great eyeopener to really study and look at individual letterforms. I mean, how many times are you admiring the bowl of a letter or the differences in G’s throughout various typefaces.

So here today are 3 examples of the many things that I’ve been inspired by lately. I’m hoping to work on some projects that maybe incorporate some of these ideas!

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