Editorial Inspiration

This quarter I’m taking a number of different classes that involve designing editorial spreads. For one, Editorial Design, is quite obviously about designing a magazine. By the end of the quarter we will have produced an 100 page magazine filled with articles that we have all designed, photographed and written. I’m loving this class so far because it’s a great opportunity to not only work with photographers but to be given free reign of the magazine (well, mostly). There is a staff team of 12 or so of us that are responsible for Art Directing, Copy Editing, Features Editors, Photo Editors, and the iPad team! I’m helping out with the last one, the iPad team. It’s totally new this year so we’re still working out the kinks but I think it’s awesome that we’re given the opportunity to develop something really innovative and new. So new, in fact, that there are very few magazines that are doing that themselves!

In Independent Study I’m going to be working on a few editorial spreads as well! And for Interactive Design we’re doing an RSS reader for a blog or magazine type thing. It’s helpful to have 3 classes working on similar projects that way when I researching I’m taking care of all 3 at the same time!

I’m loving this magazine cover, it’s actually die cut so that it bends and folds into different configurations. Quite creative!


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