Positive & Negative

For Editorial Design I’m working with a photographer to complete a spread for the magazine we’re working on. The theme and title of the magazine is Positive/Negative. After much deliberation we decided on doing the positives of smoking. I know, right? There are actually a shockingly large number of positives that come from smoking (not to downplay all of the negatives) but it’s turned out to be interesting.

It’s definitely a challenge to get behind a topic I’m not particularly passionate about. If anything it would be far easier to portray smoking in a negative light. I’m taking it as a design challenge because, after all, in any job you’re required to get 100% behind what you’re working on.

Yesterday we worked on photographing some things to be included in the spread. I think what made it difficult was going into the shoot and not knowing quite what was going to happen/what we needed. Definitely takes a bit longer that way but I think we got to a good point yesterday. I had fun playing around and creating type out of the materials we were using. Now my job is to take these images & display them in a comprehensive spread.

All of the photographs are by Joe Philipson.



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