Curiosity & Packaging

No matter how long break is, it’s always hard to come back and get right into the swing of things. Winter quarter last left off with a very busy three weeks of non-stop working in December – followed by 3 weeks of going to bed & waking up whenever I wanted. Clearly the alarm going off this morning was a rude awakening.

This morning started off with a field trip to Downtown Rochester to visit American Packaging. Their specialty is flexible packaging – with clients such as Hershey’s, Betty Crocker, Planters, Ricola, Kellogg’s, etc. you’ve more than likely tested out their packaging. From a design standpoint, it wasn’t the most exciting of tours. The class is Packaging Design so we’re working with Packaging Science majors & Industrial Designers who are both clearly on the more technical side of things. As for the designers, well, it was really interesting to see the Kellogg’s cereal covers come off the line! All of the information about layered material processes, heat, weight of foil and lots of other more complicated matters went over my head. It’s quite interesting to learn about all of the different cities & processes it takes to make a cereal box though!



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