Working on a new project for independent study. Originally this started out as an idea for an editorial spread but it has since morphed into an iPhone app – I just can’t get away from it! These are the beginning stages & far from finished. That’s the part of design that is awesome, yet frustrating. I love that it’s open ended and there is no set colors/styles/etc. except it’s frustrating at times because the option are endless!

Will continue to be working on these for the next few weeks – definitely not yet sold on the colors but I’m focusing more on the layout & typography for right now. Sometime I’m going to put together a full timeline of how a project evolves over time – it’s always shocking to go back to beginning sketches and see how much changed or stayed the same.

I’m still on the lookout for a Dribble invite so I figure I can just post my own screenshots here until that happens!