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In honor of the project I’ve been working on most frequently – a responsive blog reader – I’ve complied a few of my favorite resources.

Responsive web design is relatively new. If you’re unfamiliar with it, in short, it is coding a website using media queries that target specific screen sizes. For example, with the rise of iphone and ipad usage, targeting a phone screen size would make the website recognize that it’s a smaller dimension & would adjust the elements accordingly. It does take a fair amount of extra effort on the part of designers/coders to figure out how exactly a page is going to look at each size. Most often getting to a size around 320 pixels requires elements to be smaller & some to even be eliminated.

One great resource for looking at websites that are responsive is Media Queries.

A book I read a while back was Responsive Web Design by Ethan Marcotte. It’s a part of the A Book Apart series that details different web design techniques. Everything from CSS to media queries and designing for emotion. Pretty quick read but lots of information! I found it really helpful before diving into doing the coding for a responsive site in order to understand more of the logic behind it.

The best resource of all, however,  is Google! I find it enormously helpful to just google exactly what I’m trying to do and there always seems to be some kind of forum, documentation, or tutorial walking you through the steps. I’m far from learning everything that a responsive site can do but I’m having fun with the trial and error method for now!


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