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I’ve already posted a fair amount here + here about my packaging project to redesign juice labels. I’ve found it so interesting to look at all of the different types of bottles and designs out there. Right now we’re working on focusing our target audience down to a slightly narrower market. We originally started out by naming three or four different target groups (who were all very different!) so I think focusing it will give us a better idea of where the branding/design aspects need to reach.

Loving these simple yet elegant & funny designs for the juice bottles. “No bad stuff. zilch, zero, nada.” and “one ingredient: fruit”  Clever ways of reinforcing the idea that these are really all natural! Even though juice bottles like Juicy Juice claim to be “all natural”, I’d much prefer to sip on one of these lovely juices – goes to show how much branding can make a difference!

All sorts of different categories of importance go into juice buying: brand loyalty, organic/non organic, price, flavor, and the list goes on.

What do you look for when you pick out your Juice Bottles or other drinks? Does packaging make a difference or are you brand loyal?

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