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Clearly packaging design has taken a front seat on the blog for right now. It’s kind of funny because I never really intended on getting into designing products. I first became interested in graphic design because of magazine layouts and the newspaper. Much like how times have changed, I’m much more inclined (and excited about) designing for web.

Taking packaging design this quarter has been interesting because it’s made me think more about how much a label says about a product. It could be the exact same iced tea, coffee or beer and yet the label sets the mood for the customer. If the label is more elegant it implies that it’s probably going to be more expensive. If it’s very minimalist with traditional typefaces it often suggests a store brand (ie. Walmart).

I’m personally drawn towards beer and wine labeling because designers have gotten pretty inventive with the designs for the packaging. Looking at bottles for Juice (our project) they all start to look alike. There is a lot of the standard stock photography looking fruit with water droplets and bright colors. Custom artwork on basic juice labels is rarely seen. Perhaps that’s because fancier labels implies expense?

Lots of thing to keep in mind while designing for juice labels. It’s also turned me into a crazy person (ie. pulling juice bottles from my boyfriend’s recycling and photographing it).

Currently playing around with a number of different ideas for the label design – with a bottle shape that is not 100% nailed down it’s rather difficult to fully work out anything. Hopefully that step gets taken care of this week and we can start working through some more of the designs. Ideally the packaging and the label design would compliment each other and play off of each other. [Ignore the fact that these sketches are all in purple – I just happened to like that marker that day!]

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