Luke Shuman Design – Interactive vs Print

I ran into Luke Shuman’s design work a while back while looking at the SPD Editorial competition (seen in the 4th image below). Totally impressed by all of his work – editorial, infographics and iPad layouts. A lot of the work shown on his website is for Wired or other big name magazines. Loving the interactivity of the magazine spread above.

iPad design is still up and coming. It’s able to be used by a wide majority of people, yet it’s still so new that not everyone seems to know what to do with it. There are a few options when it comes to designing something that’s interactive: traditional HTML/CSS website viewed on a tablet, Quark Express & the new Apple Textbooks (have yet to explore that one). In my editorial class this quarter there are 4 of us exploring all of these different options and actually turning our print magazine into an interactive one (hopefully!). [More on that soon.]

I’m really excited to see where iPad (and other tablets) design goes in the coming years. There are a lot of interesting interactive magazines out there already – my favorite is Wired. It’s really interesting to see how you take a traditional spread & turn it into something that people can interact with and actually experience.

There is, of course, still beauty in traditional print though. Love the bright colors and ways that he simplifies the graphic to really what the essence is. Infographics might be the “cliche” thing right now but there is something to say about the really well done ones – for a visual person such as myself, I’d much rather see information drawn out in a clear way.

Source: Luke Shuman Design