Ketchup Fridays

For Editorial Design, we’ve been working with photographers all quarter to produce 2 to 4 page spreads on topics of our choice. They will ultimately be going into a magazine that is all student produced called Positive Negative. It’s definitely an enjoyable class – I’m liking how it’s going outside of the traditional “professor lectures, students listen” mold that a lot of classes fall into. We’re learning a lot by simply experimenting on our own.

For each article we come up with a topic or two to propose, write a 500 or 1000 word article on it, get them read over by the writing center at RIT (the only part of the process I dislike), and then come up with a photoshoot. The first project took place in about 2 weeks while the second had almost 4 (we had to do a 4 page spread though) and this last one is due is slightly over a week. Yikes!

Things get somewhat hectic at times especially if you struggle to come up with a topic or the photographs aren’t coming out just right.

photo by Joe Philipson

On top of working on the articles, there is also a subsection of students on the magazine staff team that are all working to produce the magazine. Everything from the typeface used throughout, the cover, the folio and photo editing is all taken care of by the staff. Definitely a huge amount of work going into it but it’s awesome to see how much people really commit to something when it’s fun!

For this next article my partner & I are going to be working on a spread about how disgusting chicken nuggets are (okay, more like how ridiculous the number of ingredients in them is). Should be a fun spread to work on – it’s due in a little over a week so we’re kind of jumping right in. I experimented with some ketchup typography last night, didn’t turn out quite like I wanted but a good first run.

Will update with the final image later!

Here is a video from our Kickstarter page that explains more about the project:


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