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Pinterest has been getting a lot of love lately.

[I’d point out that I joined these social networks before they were “cool.”] It’s always fascinating to watch things come and go + to wonder how long they’ll actually stick around.

For Facebook, I remember getting it a week or two after it opened to non-college students (back in 2004). I can still picture the iconic blue layout and thinking about how silly it looked and that I didn’t know exactly what to do with it (I had probably 2 other friends with it at that point). Fast forward to 2012 and well.. Facebook is kind of HUGE. Same with Twitter, I believe I tweeted all of 3 times and lost interest for a few months before picking it up again and I haven’t stopped since! There are some sites (like Pinterest) that you can see the value of right at the beginning. It’s always interesting joining these new sites and not having very many friends on them for a while and then all of a sudden there is a huge rush of the general public (not early adopters) joining.


As a very visual person, I LOVE being able to save my inspiration and bookmarks to a place where I can actually see them & not just their links! It’s been a huge timesaver for looking for inspiration for projects and saving things. I read through blog on BlogReader each morning + pin thing to remember for later, so much easier than starring items or huge unwieldy folders of links. Recently I’m loving it for saving recipes (and made my first 2 recipes from it this weekend!).

Blackberry + Cream Scones!

My personal favorite board?

Ampersands! (Such a design nerd.)


Have you gotten on Pinterest yet? If so, what do you think about it? What kinds of things do you find yourself pinning? 


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