Chipotle Advertising

This has probably been posted all over the internet millions of times today after being seen on the Grammy’s last night – but Chipotle’s commercial, Back to the Start, featuring a song by Coldplay as sung by Willie Nelson was clearly a huge hit.

Definitely in love with what they did for it – even if it is 2 minutes long! It’s weird because it doesn’t feel like it’s that long since it’s so well done but it’s over 50% longer than the average commercial. Very touching music and storyline along with well done graphics that tell their story in a simple way.

Great advertising & I would not be surprised if their sales went up this week!

I wonder if this will change how people go about advertising. Will things move to a longer more music video like approach or will everything remain at 30 seconds or less. Clearly cost plays into the factors a lot! It’ll be interesting to see where advertising goes in the future.

Only point of complaint – they should have played this during the Superbowl!

What are your thoughts on the ad? Did it grab your attention if you were watching the Grammy’s last night?