Map Making

You’re going to want to pull out a magnifying glass for this one.

Absolutely amazing map work done by James Gulliver Hancock. Ever since I did a week-long study abroad conference in Treviso, Italy I’ve been drawn to maps and map-making. Not really in the sense of wanting to go work for Rand McNally, but more into how people have taken the traditional map and changed it. Our project there consisted of creating a map that allowed tourists to almost create their own adventures & record their stories of their time in the city.

I love how the new maps begin to tell a story about the place they’re about, the person who used the map or the stories of thing that have once been there. It’s really interesting to see all of the different ways you can depict something when you’re not going for the traditional wayfinding systems that maps require.

There’s something nice about still using printed maps- I’m growing up on that awkward border between traditional print maps and GPS’s. I’d have to say that I personal prefer the former – it seems so much nicer to have an actual tactile piece! But that’s just me.

Check out these awesome maps by James Hancock & be sure to visit his website to see more of his work – these are only 2 of my favorite examples!

Source – All Maps drawn by James Gulliver Hancock