Wegman’s Packaging Design Challenge

Life recently has been consumed by working on a team Wegman’s Packaging Design Challenge…

For the past 7 weeks or so in my Packaging Design class, I’ve worked on a team with 5 other students from Industrial Design, Packaging Science and Graphic Design majors. It’s certainly been a challenge at times but overall an awesome experience that gave us a better perspective into working in groups on real-world projects. It seems like forever since we started sketching and coming up with ideas way back when [Process Work / Inspiration]. This morning we presented our final design concept to a team of judges, our professors as well as the rest of the class. 

For the project we were required to cover everything from determining the target market to the new bottle design, new branding, all of the material specifications and the sustainability aspects for end of life considerations. I learned a lot about what goes into creating packaging (which by the way is A LOT more than simply making it look nice on shelf..). It was interesting to hear about all of the technical specifications that went along with it, such as considering how the tertiary (transportation of the good) packaging can be reduced to save costs. Not really things graphic design majors are required to think about in other classes. Still have to say that I’m not a fan of numbers, much happier letting someone else deal with the technical specifications of a bottle or design.

It was also a challenge to design for something that wasn’t going to be viewed flat or on a screen! I learned a lot about the materials and how that plays into how the design looks and works with the bottle. After the initial design of the bottle, we were given a “panel” for the graphics and it was entirely up to use how we used all of the space throughout the bottle. We really looked to minimize the graphics and materials involved which ended up saving a lot of costs of production!

Classes like this are very time consuming but totally worth taking. I can’t even begin to describe how many things (other than the ones listed above) that I learned and will take away from this quarter. I really enjoy classes that push the boundaries of the traditional lecture/do homework/read textbooks. This was a great opportunity to use skills from a variety of majors and really experiment with new ideas (ie. no actual funds for companies were lost). It makes in class time more fun too because rather than being required to sit in a classroom for 3 hours at a time, we’re able to set our own deadlines and work in the studio. Not to mention, having a real-world project like this makes everyone more involved in the class!

Overall a good experience, however, I’m looking forward to getting a little bit more sleep now that it’s all over. Now on to finishing quarter projects for all of my other classes! [More on those later…]


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