Finals Week

Tomorrow is the start of finals week at RIT. Luckily for me it’s the start & kind of the end of it as well – I have 3 finals tomorrow and then just one more thing due on Tuesday. I’ve enjoyed the projects I’ve worked on this quarter for the most part but I’m definitely ready for a fresh start (and more sleep!).

I’m currently working on finishing up a 4 page editorial spread on Road Trips & how to survive them. I’ve been looking and tons and tons of car/road trip/traveling/route 66 designs for inspiration. It’s been a frustrating process at times because I keep changing my mind! I was originally going an illustrative route & then switched to photography & then back to illustration! It has been a good learning experience though – I’ve become SO much more proficient with the pen tool in illustrator and better at making quick vector graphics for icons. I’ve also gotten the chance to play around more with typography & more inventive uses of that. Sometimes I feel like I get stuck in a rut of using the same typefaces and using them in the same way. Well for this latest project I’ve gotten a chance to break this & try out some new exciting things!

Here’s an example of something I was looking at while working on my own. (Note: I use these for inspiration only. It’s really helpful to look at other examples and see what is possible to do with type – gets my brain thinking!)



Probably won’t put a final shot of my editorial spread up for a while – I’m also working on an after effects animated version of an iPhone application that I created with the imagery from the editorial spread. First time using After Effects – boy was that a learning experience. Easing is still not a huge strength of mine – I do just fine with print or interactive thing but getting animations to look normal is tough! New found respect for animators & anyone who deals with After Effects or Flash on a daily basis. Even if I don’t really plan on using the software myself in the future, I was really interested in getting a basic knowledge of it – mostly for fun!

After classes are over this week, I have a few plans for over spring break – mostly figuring out what I’m doing in 10 weeks for after graduation (!), redoing my personal portfolio website and working on some design projects I haven’t otherwise gotten around to during this busy quarter. Should be nice to work on some of my own projects for a week or so without the thought of homework looming!