Jessica Decker – Designer

Jessica Decker is a graphic designer from Detroit, Michigan. A lot of her work deals with editorial pieces although she has some really interesting cross stitching work on giant posters. Loving the way typography is treated throughout all of her work. It all has a very elegant, intentional feel about it. Especially loving all of the experimental work with typography.

This “studies in white” was actually the piece that initially drew me to Jessica’s work. I love typography that is hand-done using materials you wouldn’t necessarily think of. This is a gorgeous example of it! Itching to try out some experimental typography of my own.


Definitely check out the rest of her work here.


3 thoughts on “Jessica Decker – Designer

  1. Thank you for bringing her to my attention. I am a Graphic Design student and doing research for my typography blog. You may like some of my teacher’s work, Dominique Falla, she does some awesome string tactile typography

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