Dominique Falla

I was introduced to the work of Dominique Falla the other day and immediately fell in love with her process work. Don’t get me wrong, her finished work is beautiful but what stands out the most is the level of detail and care that goes into each one through the entire process. I love the a few of her projects include videos of the behind the scenes work to really highlight all of the work that goes into it from the sketching phases right on up!

I’ve picked out three of my favorites here below. There are MANY more pieces to look at on Dominique’s website so definitely make sure you go check them out. She seems to be able to experiment with multiple mediums from string and pins to traditional print, gum and even matchsticks.

Gorgeous, right? The rest of her work can be found here. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably going to want to get your hands on some paper and pencils to start sketching some typography right away.

Thanks to ComicSansSheriff for the recommendation!

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