Admissions & Social Media

Right after my love for design, comes the one for social media & marketing.

As a graphic design major, all of my classes focus on the visual aesthetic of something but rarely dive into metrics or how design could be used directly for marketing. I frequently find myself swaying back and forth trying to figure out which one “fits” better. Only to realize that they can be used together. I’ve found through taking Business courses (I’m a Digital Business minor), I’ve been able to more clearly see how marketing and design work together and how I don’t really have to “give up” one when looking for jobs.

But let’s start from the beginning..

For the past four years I’ve worked for the RIT Undergraduate Admissions office. When I started,  I worked in the mailroom and blogged but since then I’ve kind of ended up in a social media position which has evolved drastically over the past few years. It’s a slightly long story but you can hear about some of it here on AdmissionsLive:

It’s been nice because we’ve had the same target market for four years: prospective & accepted students. Then we had to figure out how to leverage what was out there to help them. We cover everything from traditional social media such as Facebook and Twitter to blogging, video blogging (new this year), weekly webisodes, live streaming (in beta) and launching something super cool in March (stay tuned). Of course, Facebook has changed its layout throughout this process more times than we even wish to count which brings me to the next point.

I love the fact that the job relies so heavily on staying on top of what is out there for social media. A job that requires me to research more about Facebook and Twitter? Yes please. Not only that, but it often means that we’re working with new updates almost the exact same time they are being released which means there is no precedent for how you’re supposed to use it. We’re still in the midst of figuring out how to best leverage the new Admissions Facebook page.

I have future posts planned to go a little more in depth into our process in the office including Brainstorming, How We’re Using Facebook, Blogging + Problems We’ve Run Into. In the meantime, you can check out the 5 RIT Students YouTube page! Or watch our “Meet the Season 2 Cast” episode!