Rochester: Aaron Meshon

As a graduate of RIT in Rochester, it brought a smile when I ran across these fun illustrations of downtown Rochester. Made me miss everything there and want to go back and vist immediately!

These were illustrated by Aaron Meshon (who was previously featured) for a Nazarath College magazine.





Aaron Meshon

I’m doing some research this week for a new secret project at work involving maps. So as a warning, you might see  lot of map inspiration popping up in the near future!

Absolutely love this style for a wall mural – and it happens to be of a coffeeshop in Brooklyn across from work which means I can visit it in person every day! The artist/illustrator is Aaron Meshon and if you haven’t previously seen any of his work, you should get on that! He actually has a children’s book that is going to be released this year.




Windows of New York

In case you haven’t seen yet, Jose Guizar is a graphic designer living in New York City. He’s started a weekly illustration series called “Windows of New York“.

Love his clean style yet every window gets a high attention to detail. Makes me want to wander around NYC and visit these windows.

92-christopher 113-thompson 290-lafayette 461-w-47th

Hand Lettering: Inspiration

I’ve been trying to work hand lettering more into my daily habits and have drawn inspiration from a few amazing designers. If you haven’t seen work by Sean McCabe yet, get on it. Seriously amazing and seriously inspirational. This is a collection of work from a bunch of various designers – check out the link to see their dribbble portfolios.


















Where do you find inspiration for hand lettering?

Owen Gildersleeve – Designer and Illustrator

Owen Gildersleeve is a designer and illustrator from London. Much of his work deals with very hand-crafted pieces (cut paper, stop motion animation, etc). Really love the dimensionality that using cut paper gives. It’s a great mix between paper, photography and real objects.

I believe I might have already featured this Brunch piece before but it’s just so great! I love all of the different textures and depths that start happening throughout it.

And last but not least, how is this for a book cover?

This work mixed with the work that I showcased yesterday from Dominique Falla makes me want to definitely test out some new forms of typography and break out of the realm of traditional computer type. There are so many different options and cool things out there that you can do with just ordinary objects.

The rest of his work can be found on Owen’s website