Rochester: Aaron Meshon

As a graduate of RIT in Rochester, it brought a smile when I ran across these fun illustrations of downtown Rochester. Made me miss everything there and want to go back and vist immediately!

These were illustrated by Aaron Meshon (who was previously featured) for a Nazarath College magazine.





We Love Melbourne: Jimmy Gleeson

Definitely would love to have this poster up on my wall. Vibrant colors and dense illustration make this incredibly engaging.

The We Love Melbourne series was done by Jimmy Gleeson for Urban Altitude.






I’m back!

I’ve clearly hopped off the design blog bandwagon for a while now. College graduation, packing up all of my life, and making a brief pit stop back to Maryland before moving out to Chicago for the summer has kind of consumed my life lately. I do have another blog Life After Bricks where I have been recounting my summer in a new city. With August upon us (ie. tomorrow) I decided it was time to bring back the ‘ol blog.
What better to do that with that highlighting some of the things I have been working around. Note: I have not worked on any of these things but rather this is the work of people who I have gotten to spend the summer with. I’ve been interning (still am) at Leo Burnett in Chicago in their Department of Design. This department is a very new creation and you can learn more about it in this video: these are some of the awesome people that I get to work with!

It’s Official: Department of Design from Leo Burnett Worldwide on Vimeo.

The department of design has a very different feel than a traditional advertising agency. They’re very experimental. While they certainly do work on all of the regular advertising pieces for some of Leo’s biggest clients, they’re also very focused on creating new exciting things that are very design focused. One of the projects coming out of Leo is Farmhouse. I actually just heard about this for the first time last week. You can read about it here or just go to their actual website.
A weird small world occurrence happened this week. In introducing myself to the newest member of the design team she immediately knew when I said I went to school in Rochester that I went to RIT. Turns out the company she worked for previously was the one that did the rebranding for RIT this past year. Pretty crazy! I was already pretty familiar with her design work for higher ed places (Loyola, etc) but in checking out the rest of her website today I discovered some pretty sweet work. You should probably go check it out too!