Hand Lettering: Inspiration

I’ve been trying to work hand lettering more into my daily habits and have drawn inspiration from a few amazing designers. If you haven’t seen work by Sean McCabe yet, get on it. Seriously amazing and seriously inspirational. This is a collection of work from a bunch of various designers – check out the link to see their dribbble portfolios.


















Where do you find inspiration for hand lettering?

Hand Lettering – BMD Design

Ran across this awesome work from BMD Design in France. If you haven’t seen their work yet, get on it! Very cool hand lettering and strictly black and white design. They’ve worked on everything from designing wine bottle labels to t-shirts to logos.

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Dominique Falla

I was introduced to the work of Dominique Falla the other day and immediately fell in love with her process work. Don’t get me wrong, her finished work is beautiful but what stands out the most is the level of detail and care that goes into each one through the entire process. I love the a few of her projects include videos of the behind the scenes work to really highlight all of the work that goes into it from the sketching phases right on up!

I’ve picked out three of my favorites here below. There are MANY more pieces to look at on Dominique’s website so definitely make sure you go check them out. She seems to be able to experiment with multiple mediums from string and pins to traditional print, gum and even matchsticks.

Gorgeous, right? The rest of her work can be found here. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably going to want to get your hands on some paper and pencils to start sketching some typography right away.

Thanks to ComicSansSheriff for the recommendation!

Hand-drawn Typography

Oh hey hand-drawn typohraphy, aren’t you attractive?

There is absolutely nothing better than well drawn & executed typography. Even with how detailed you can get in designing things on the computer there is still something to be said about that hand-drawn personal approach to design. Love it!

Speaking of hand-drawn type. This is

Heart Skips A Beat (VIRAL) from James Gulliver Hancock on Vimeo.

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Calligraphy – Kate Forrester

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, a little calligraphy seems appropriate.

Loving this work by Kate Forrester.

And in non-calligraphy related things, here is some cut-out typography that Kate did for a Leo Burnett ad campaign for McDonalds. Lovely, right?


Definitely check out Kate’s website for more of her awesome typography.

Two Arms Inc. – Hand Lettering

I originally found Two Arms Inc. because of this Minute Maid typographic ad – isn’t it gorgeous?! Have to say that I’m a huge fan of this chalkboard, hand-lettering fad that’s sweeping through now.

After find that piece I tracked it back to their website & found the rest of their awesome typography and hand-lettering. Definitely worth a trip over to their website or follow them on Twitter!

Source: Two Arms Inc.

Typography & Hand lettering

No matter how much time I spend working on digital design pieces and remaining constrained to websafe type, I can’t help but love the handdrawn feel. Last Friday I attended a talk by Kris Holmes who was the creator of Lucida Grande as well as many other typefaces used today. She’s a professor at RIT. The fact that we have easy access to someone who is a master calligrapher & type designer is amazing. I was planning on taking her class this quarter but unfortunately had to drop it. While I’m really sad that I didn’t get that opportunity, I think my sanity thanks me for that extra 4 hours a week for unexpected other projects to tackle.

The presentation she gave covered the history of some letterforms and she talked about her process of brainstorming for a new typeface. I think it’s really interesting (and awesome!) that everything starts with hand lettering. Taking calligraphy for 2 quarters was a great eyeopener to really study and look at individual letterforms. I mean, how many times are you admiring the bowl of a letter or the differences in G’s throughout various typefaces.

So here today are 3 examples of the many things that I’ve been inspired by lately. I’m hoping to work on some projects that maybe incorporate some of these ideas!

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