Rochester: Aaron Meshon

As a graduate of RIT in Rochester, it brought a smile when I ran across these fun illustrations of downtown Rochester. Made me miss everything there and want to go back and vist immediately!

These were illustrated by Aaron Meshon (who was previously featured) for a Nazarath College magazine.





We Love Melbourne: Jimmy Gleeson

Definitely would love to have this poster up on my wall. Vibrant colors and dense illustration make this incredibly engaging.

The We Love Melbourne series was done by Jimmy Gleeson for Urban Altitude.






Yulia Brodskaya – Papergraphic

Paper typography and imagery never ceases to amaze me with amount of detail and time that it must require. I ran across Yulia Brodskaya‘s poster for the 73rd Stern Grove Festival and immediately knew that I had to go and check out the rest of her work. Extreme detail, extensive use of color and each piece is better than the next. She refers to it as “papergraphic” work on her website and it definitely lives up to its name.

Impressive right? Be sure to go check out the rest of her work.

Wallpaper Typography

Check out these fantastic wallpaper designs by Abbott Miller from Pentagram that were designed for KnollTextiles

I’m usually not a huge fan of wallpaper but I would totally love to cover my walls with this. The use of letterforms in a very organic way creates interesting patterns since it was all done using Ink.

Not to mention it’s 30% recycled materials and comes in a wide variety of colors. What’s not to like?

sneak preview

Continuing to work on a map of Anaheim Bay (Huntington, CA). I’m pretty happy with how it’s turning out so far. Definitely a huge leap from where I started in terms of color & concept. Still a ways to go. Finishing up the actual map by Monday and then moving onto a signage system for the entire park.