Windows of New York

In case you haven’t seen yet, Jose Guizar is a graphic designer living in New York City. He’s started a weekly illustration series called “Windows of New York“.

Love his clean style yet every window gets a high attention to detail. Makes me want to wander around NYC and visit these windows.

92-christopher 113-thompson 290-lafayette 461-w-47th

Concrete Jungle of NYC

Just got back last night from a trip to the concrete jungle of New York City. Interesting train ride from Rochester to NYC going from trees, wide open spaces and farm land to endless seas of buildings.

It was the first time I’ve been in NYC that I’ve spent more than 24 hours not doing touristy things. Gives a different perspective on the city – especially after walking over 6 miles in it from Long Island City to Central Park!

Definitely a lot more to look at in terms of advertising there. Bus wraps (Simply Orange wins the award for that), Subway ads, Amtrak ads, taxi signs, etc. Wish I had taken more pictures of everything – guess I’ll just have to make another trip.

There’s something beautiful about all of the graffiti on the buildings. The graffiti on the building below was something way beyond the traditional stuff seen on the side of bridges or trucks. The level of detail on each was incredible especially on the huge portraits of people were spray painted on the buildings. Wish I could have gotten a closer look at some of it. It would be interesting to see the transformation of a building such as this one.

On the train ride there and back, I got a solid 6 hours of work in on some wireframes I’m working on for a Graphic Design online archive for my Advance Design Networking class. I’ve decided that train travel is the way to go – so civil. There are plugs and everything! But it’s also a great way to tune out everything else and just get work done. Really excited about how these are turning out so far, will be interesting to take it the rest of the way. Updates on that as it progresses.